Our 'Critical Five'

As a system, we have agreed five health and care priorities – known as the ‘Critical Five’ – that will help us transform our health and care system and make sure it’s sustainable into the longer-term. 

Our five health and care priorities

Known as the 'Critical Five' these priorities will also help us recover waiting lists following the Covid-19 pandemic and support people to access the health and care they need. 

  1. Keeping people well – doing more to promote prevention and stepping in earlier to prevent people’s health deteriorating; and, when people do deteriorate, making sure they understand how and where to get the urgent help they need.
  2. Safe and effective discharge – helping patients, their carers and families understand and safely navigate the options available to them from a much more joined up and improved community care environment
  3. High-risk care management – making sure those who are most vulnerable receive the care they need in a coordinated and planned way
  4. Effective hospital management – making best use of hospital resources to support patients safely and efficiently from the point of admission to discharge; this is also about delivering high quality care based on the 'Get it Right First Time' principles (a national programme designed to improve patient treatment and care through in-depth reviews of services and analysis of data/evidence)
  5. Surrey Heartlands-wide efficiencies – system-wide programmes that ensure we are working in the most efficient way - whilst maintaining high quality care - across areas such as diagnostics, clinical networks, more efficient use of our workforce, digital innovation, corporate and clinical support services, financial management and how we use our estates and facilities.