Graphic displaying a women and two young boys with a message encouraging flu and Covid-19 vaccinations


Vaccines are the most effective way to prevent catching and spreading infectious diseases and they prevent up to 3 million deaths worldwide every year.

Information on vaccines

Vaccines reduce the risk of getting a disease by working with your body’s natural defences to build protection. When you get a vaccine, your immune system responds.

For further information about vaccinations please visit the website.

Countdown is on to book flu and Covid-19 vaccinations online

Countdown is on to book flu and Covid-19 vaccinations online

The NHS’s national booking system, NHS App and 119 phone service will close for flu and covid vaccine bookings from 15 December, making 14 December the last day to make a booking.

After this date, it will still be possible for those eligible to book their vaccinations through local NHS vaccination services. However, there will be fewer covid appointments, and you may need to travel further.

People can continue booking the covid vaccine through local services until 31 January. After that, covid vaccinations will close, and people will be required to wait for a future seasonal campaign unless they develop a new health condition or start treatment that severely weakens the immune system, in which case a clinician may advise vaccination sooner.

After 15 December, people will still be able to get their free flu jab as they can now, by contacting their GP surgery or by finding a pharmacy that offers the vaccine if you're 18 or over.

The flu vaccine offer will close after 31 March. However, getting it as soon as possible is encouraged to ensure protection over the colder months when flu is often in greater circulation.