Embracing digital technologies

Healthier people through great use of digital and data.

Using data and digital technologies to improve health

We use data and digital technologies to improve the health of people living in Surrey and support clinicians and other care professionals to provide outstanding care. 

Our highly experienced team of project managers, service designers, and technical and data experts are united in our belief that data and digital activities can transform people’s health for the better. Many are also former health and social care professionals providing a unique perspective on their role. 

We work across Surrey – and beyond – with clinicians and patients to understand the challenges they face and then design and implement solutions that meet those needs. The team works in several key areas:

  • The Digital First Primary Care programme supports primary care to help patients quickly access the advice, support and treatment they need using digital and online tools. 
    We are developing digital tools to help patients easily access the care they need, such as receiving advice, booking and cancelling appointments, consulting with a healthcare professional, receiving a referral and obtaining a prescription.
  • The Surrey Care Record stores patients’ health records in one digital space, safely and securely, so all the health professionals involved in a person’s care - such as GPs, practice nurses, consultants or physios can see their health information.
    The Surrey Care Record brings together records from different organisations involved in a patient’s health and care, creating a more fluid system that benefits patients and physicians alike.
    With all the information close to hand, care professionals know to make better and safer decisions. For example, suppose a patient is admitted to hospital in an emergency. In that case, the A&E team can immediately see information about past treatment and any allergies or medications, and your GP can see your appointments and test results.
  • Many people have told us that they want to be more involved in their healthcare and to quickly make changes or cancel appointments, see their health records and test results, or, if they wish, have an online consultation with their clinician or GP. So we are developing a Personal Health Record for every resident in Surrey, which will give a person online access to their health records and help better manage care.
  • Not everyone wants to or can use digital technologies. However, we want everyone to have freedom of choice in accessing their care and that digital technologies complement rather than replace existing ways of working. Our Digital Inclusion project ensures that no one is left behind – for example, we deliver digital skills training to people who have experienced domestic abuse in refugees across Surrey Heartlands.
  • The Population Health Management programme analyses data to develop new ways of providing care that improves people’s health and helps reduce waste. This data helps us make informed choices about health care planning and make the best use of our combined resources to make Surrey residents healthier.

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