Annual Report and AGM

The information on this page relates to the Surrey Heartlands CCG Annual Report 2021/22 and the Surrey Heartlands CCG Annual General Meeting.

The CCG transitioned to become a statutory Integrated Care Board (NHS Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care Board) on 1 July 2022.

Annual Report and Accounts

Our Annual Report describes the work we have carried out over this year and outlines some of our most significant achievements and challenges. 

The Annual Report comprises of the following sections:

  1. Performance Report which includes an overview from our Chief Accountable Officer and information on how the CCG has performed in its key priority areas.
  2. Accountability Report introduces our Board members and their roles and gives important details about our governance and internal controls, including how we’ve managed risk and our resources.
  3. Annual Accounts which present the financial statements.

NHS Surrey Heartlands CCG Annual Report and Accounts 2021-22 [pdf] 2MB

Auditor’s Annual Report

The Auditor’s Annual Report provides a summary of the findings and key issues arising from the 2021-22 audit of NHS Surrey Heartlands CCG (the ‘CCG’). The report has been prepared in line with the requirements set out in the Code of Audit Practice published by the National Audit Office and is required to be published by the CCG alongside the annual report and accounts.

Surrey Heartlands CCG Annual Audit Letter 2021-22 [pdf] 192KB

Annual General Meeting

NHS Surrey Heartlands CCG transitioned to become a statutory Integrated Care Board (NHS Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care Board) from 1 July 2022. As part of conducting our final business, our AGM in September 2022 formally presented our 2021-22 CCG Annual Report and accounts, in line with statutory requirements.

The meeting was held virtually, using the Microsoft Teams online meeting platform.

During the meeting we shared a brief summary of our achievements during 2021-22 and provided an overview of our 2021-22 financial accounts. We also gave a brief update on the work of the Integrated Care Board and the wider Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership and our ambitions to improve care, health and outcomes for our local communities.

Please click to view the minutes from our 2020-21 AGM [pdf] 256KB