Subject Access Requests

Subject Access Requests

Individuals have the right to access information that NHS Surrey Heartlands holds about them by making a Subject Access Request (SAR).

The GDPR has removed the fees that could previously be charged for SARs and reduced the time organisations have to respond. This right applies to all individuals, including staff, employees of other organisations, service users, visitors to offices, and event attendees.

How to make a subject access request

Each NHS organisation holds its own records and we can only supply Surrey Heartlands records.

However, suppose Surrey Heartlands has the requested data and is not legally exempt from disclosure. In that case, the information must be provided within one month (though this can be extended by up to a further two months in some circumstances).

You can request access to information about you that we hold by contacting the Information Governance Team at:

Further details can be found on our 'How we use your information' webpage.