Registers and Declarations

Registers and declarations

The NHS is expected to achieve and maintain high standards of probity in the way it conducts its business. These standards include impartiality, objectivity and integrity, and the effective stewardship of public funds.

NHS Surrey Heartlands is committed to openness and transparency in its work and decision-making. The effective management of conflicts of interests is an essential element in any working group for NHS Surrey Heartlands. Without it, professionals and the public will lose confidence in our work.

NHS Surrey Heartlands ICB Register of Interests

NHS Surrey Heartlands keeps a register of interests for the members of the Integrated Care Board, in order to identify and manage any conflicts of interest that may arise in the course of decision making when undertaking its business. These registers are reviewed regularly and updated as necessary.

NHS Surrey Heartlands ICB Declarations of Interest Register [pdf] 176KB