Covid-19 vaccination programme

Covid-19 vaccinations are the best way to protect you from coronavirus.

Information on the Covid-19 vaccination programme

Following ongoing and extensive safety trials and authorisation by the independent regulator, effective COVID-19 vaccines are available for free in the UK.

The vaccination programme continues across Surrey Heartlands. Primary care, hospital and community teams are working with our county and borough councils and a wide range of other community partners to deliver the largest vaccination programme in NHS history.

To inform the implementation of this programme, an Equality Impact Assessment [pdf] 727KB was carried out in December 2020. As with all EIAs, the risks and issues identified and the mitigations and actions implemented have been and will remain under constant review through our Equalities and Engagement Sub-Group. The aim is to ensure equity of access to the Covid-19 vaccines for every person living in Surrey Heartlands.

An independent group of experts (Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation) has recommended that the NHS offers first vaccines to those at higher risk of catching Covid-19 and of suffering serious complications or dying from the virus.

Read the latest guidance on priority groups on GOV.UK. A series of frequently asked questions on the Covid-19 vaccination programme are available on our website.