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Shining a light on women’s health in Surrey

Following the launch of the Women’s Health Strategy for England   we are bringing people together from across our Health and Care system for an event to better understand women’s experiences in Surrey.

Spotlight on Women's Health in Surrey is a workshop style event taking place on Friday 22 March at Woodhatch Place, Reigate, RH8 8EF. Attendance is by ticket only and can be booked online at Eventbrite.

The event, which is a joint initiative between NHS Surrey Heartlands and Surrey County Council, is an opportunity to share what we know of women's experiences of accessing and using services, as well as disparities in outcomes. We want to engage with anyone with a particular interest in providing health and care services to women and those born female.

It is well known that women in the UK, on average, live longer than men. However, what is less known is that women spend a significantly greater proportion of their lives in ill health or with a disability. Not enough focus is placed on women-specific conditions such as miscarriage or endometriosis, and women are under-represented when it comes to important clinical trials. This means that not enough is known about conditions that only affect women, or about how general conditions can affect men and women differently.

The Women’s Health Strategy for England, the Government’s first, sets out how it will boost health outcomes for women and girls and improve how the health and care system listens to women’s voices.

The strategy also includes the appointment of Professor Dame Lesley Regan as a Women’s Health Ambassador for England, who will be a one of the events guest speakers. The workshop will also provide an opportunity for us to listen to a range of experiences from both women using services and professionals providing health, care or support services to women in Surrey.

For further information and to book your FREE tickets go to Eventbrite. (Due to venue capacity and to ensure a good mix of attendees tickets are limited to two per organisation or team).

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