Careers in healthcare support work

As a healthcare support worker, you'll be at the very heart of everything we do. There are more than 30 roles and in each, you’ll work with a multidisciplinary team supporting doctors, nurses and specialists, to help patients on their journey back to health.

The NHS is vast and diverse, and so are our healthcare support worker roles. There are 30 different roles you could choose from that sit within seven areas of the NHS, including mental health, primary care, maternity and children’s services. 

You could support patients with nutritional issues as a dietetic assistant, help people learn to walk again as a prosthetic technician, or even help diagnose diseases and conditions as a radiography assistant.

Healthcare support worker

Healthcare support workers work across a variety of settings, from mental health to children’s services. The choice is yours. As a healthcare support worker, you’ll work under the supervision of a healthcare professional, supporting them and helping patients on their journey back to full health.

Healthcare support worker | Health Careers

Other roles in healthcare support work

There are plenty more healthcare support worker roles you can choose from, in all kinds of areas, from podiatry to radiography.

Dietetic assistant

Working alongside dietitians, you’ll help to treat and support patients with dietary and nutritional issues.

Dietetic assistant | Health Careers

Healthcare assistant

You'll make sure that patients are as comfortable and stress-free as possible. It can also be the stepping stone into many other NHS roles.

Healthcare assistant | Health Careers

Maternity support worker

You'll work under the supervision of a registered midwife, helping to care for mothers and babies.

Maternity support worker | Health Careers

Occupational therapy support worker

You’ll assist occupational therapists, supporting patients with their day-to-day activities to live full and independent lives.

Occupational therapy support worker | Health Careers

Orthotic technician

Your day-to-day will involve helping to treat people with conditions such as arthritis and spina bifida, supporting them and aiding their movement.

Orthotic technician | Health Careers

Podiatry assistant

You’ll help to treat and care for people whose feet and legs have been affected by injury or illness, allowing them to live life to the full.

Podiatry assistant | Health Careers

Physiotherapy assistants/support workers

Working with physiotherapists, you'l help patients recover from a range of illnesses and conditions, using techniques such as exercise.

Physiotherapy assistants/support workers | Health Careers

Prosthetic technician

You’ll support patients as they learn to use their new prosthetic limbs and assist prosthetists in their work.

Prosthetic technician | Health Careers

Radiography assistants and imaging support workers

You’ll work closely with diagnostic radiographers and therapeutic radiographers to work out what disease or condition is affecting patients and how to treat it.

Radiography assistants and imaging support workers | Health Careers

Speech and language therapy assistant

You’ll work with patients to help them with conditions that may affect their communication, swallowing and feeding.

Speech and language therapy assistant | Health Careers