Wider healthcare careers

Our NHS relies on its people in roles as diverse as cooks, chefs, chaplains, donor carers, medical secretaries and engineers to keep it running.

There are many different roles in the wider healthcare team. Whether you are working in administration, corporate services or directly with patients as part of the clinical support team, you'll be making a difference every day. 

Whatever your situation or strengths, the wider healthcare team has the role for you. 

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Roles in the wider healthcare team

You might be interested in cutting edge technology, caring for the elderly, providing hospitality, administration, estates or human resources. Whatever your situation and strengths, the wider healthcare team could have the perfect role for you.


NHS administrative staff provide business support to clinical and non-clinical staff. 

The NHS has to be well-organised and keep detailed records of patients and staff. Patients and other organisations need to be able to contact the NHS, to see or speak to the right person who can give them the help they need. That could be booking an appointment, getting advice or paying an invoice.

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Clinical support staff

Clinical support staff work with nurses, midwives, doctors and allied health professionals to deliver high-quality care. 

Many clinical support staff are involved in looking after the general well-being and comfort of patients. Clinical support roles also offer an ideal entry route to many careers in health, such as nursing and midwifery, especially for people with commitment and enthusiasm rather than academic qualifications.

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Corporate services

All corporate services staff are specialists who use their professional skills to provide services across the NHS.

Corporate services support both clinical and non-clinical areas. Some corporate services are mainly for patients, such as hospital play or health promotion staff; others, such as human resources, support other NHS staff. Some, including surveyors and architects, have a lot of contact with organisations outside the NHS.

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