Healthcare Science careers

Healthcare scientists prevent, diagnose and treat a range of medical conditions. They use a range of science, engineering and technology skills.

There are more than 50 different specialisms in healthcare science.

Healthcare science has four speciality areas:

Entry requirements

There are a number of entry routes to Healthcare Science profession.

  • Level 2 Apprenticeships - you'll need qualifications at GCSE level or equivalent
  • Level 4 Apprenticeships - you'll need qualifications at A level or equivalent
  • Level 6 Apprenticeships and Practitioner Training Programme (PTP) - you'll need qualifications at BSc degree level or equivalent
  • Level 7 Apprenticeships and Scientist Training Programme (STP) - you'll need qualifications at Masters level or equivalent
  • Level 8 Higher Specialist Scientist Training (HSST) - you'll need qualifications at Doctoral level or equivalent

Want to know more?

Contact the Surrey Heartlands Health and Social Care Academy

They can provide information about career roles, learning and development opportunities and return to practice options in Surrey Heartlands.

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