Leadership development opportunities

Good leadership in the NHS will have a direct impact on patient care.

Leadership programmes offer a range of resources to support staff, organisations and local partners to develop leaders, celebrating and sharing where outstanding leadership makes a real difference.

Surrey Heartlands leadership development opportunities

The Mary Seacole Programme

The Mary Seacole programme is a leadership development programme.

The programme has been designed and developed for people working in health and social care in a first-time leadership role.

The programme will empower you in your first formal leadership position to turn your success into consistent team success and to champion compassionate patient care.   

 You will learn about the demands of leadership in the health and social care system today and into the future. You will learn the theory and practical understanding needed to deliver inspiring leadership.  

Programme overview

The programme does not officially provide an academic qualification. However, it is most like completing an apprenticeship at level 5. 

It takes six months to complete. There are 100 hours of online study, plus three full-day workshops. The workshops are currently provided face to face in Surrey Heartlands. 

There are 12 modules covering leadership fundamentals, leading for improvement and management skills.  You will access these via a virtual campus.  To pass the qualification, you will need to: 

  • Attend all three workshops 
  • Post 24 meaningful contributions (2 per module) 
  • Complete a 2000 word assignment 

Find out more about the Surrey Heartlands Mary Seacole programme.

Please contact syheartlandsicb.shlearningdevelopment@nhs.net

Growing System Leaders

Growing System Leaders is a system leadership programme for staff across Surrey Heartlands.

Our programme will help develop your system leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours as part of a diverse cohort. It focuses on neighbourhood development and on the skills needed to work collaboratively.

You will be empowered to initiate change when working with different organisations.

Who can join the programme?

Staff in Surrey Heartlands who work at every level and from all organisations can apply. You don’t have to be a manager to apply.

To succeed, you need to have the desire and opportunity to work with partners to help people live healthier lives.

Applications are welcome from a wide range of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We celebrate the wealth of contribution such diversity will bring to Surrey Heartlands.

There are 50 fully funded places available on the programme.

(we especially encourage applications from neurodivergent candidates and candidates with protected characteristics under the Equalities Act). 

What will participants achieve?

By taking part in Growing System Leaders, you will achieve skills and knowledge in:

  • multi-professional relationships and networks
  • system leadership capabilities and behaviours 
  • the ability to co-produce work
  • building trust, influence, and compassionate leadership 
  • using coaching conversations  
  • reflective thinking techniques  
  • understanding the power of feedback  
  • learning through real life project s
  • understanding your role in supporting the ambitions of Surrey Heartlands.

How long is the course? 

The programme takes 50 hours over a six month period. The sessions are a combination of face-to-face and online learning consisting of:

  • interactive workshops
  • eLearning
  • learning circles
  • completing a Surrey Heartlands focused project.

To register your interest in participating in the next programme, please email syheartlandsicb.improveengage@nhs.net

National leadership development opportunities

The NHS Leadership Academy offers a range of resources and programmes to support individuals, organisations and local academies to develop leaders, celebrating and sharing where outstanding leadership makes a real difference.

The Academy’s philosophy is that great leadership development improves leadership behaviours and skills. Better leadership leads to better patient care, experience and outcomes. Its purpose is to work with its partners to deliver excellent leadership across the NHS to have a direct impact on patient care.


There is a wide range of programmes for you to consider if you:

  • are interested in leadership or further developing your management skills
  • want to challenge the status quo and find better ways of doing things
  • want to improve patient care

The programmes available include:

  • The Edward Jenner programme - for participants who are new to leadership by helping them to gain a fresh perspective on the delivery of services and impact they have on the patient experience.
  • The Mary Seacole programme - designed for those looking to move into their first formal leadership role, or those new to first time leadership.
  • The Rosalind Franklin programme - for mid-level leaders aspiring to lead large and complex programmes, departments, services or systems
  • The Elizabeth Garrett Anderson programme - aims to equip middle to senior leaders with the confidence to challenge the status quo, drive lasting change and prepare for senior roles
  • The Nye Bevan programme - aimed at developing the best executive leaders by helping them to perform better at board level. 

The NHS Leadership Academy also runs: