Social care careers

If you want to help people and have the right values and behaviours there is a social care job for you.

There are many different types of social care careers to choose from. It doesn't matter about your background, how old you are, or what hours you can work. For example, you could:

  • specialise in a particular area, such as occupational therapy or nursing
  • work with people to find solutions to their problems as a social worker
  • provide direct care as a care worker or personal assistant
  • provide administration, catering or maintenance services needed to run a care home.

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Working with adults in Surrey

Are you ready to embark on a rewarding journey within Surrey's Adult Social Care services?

Get ready to embrace a career that fills your days with a genuine sense of purpose! It's all about being there for those in need, lending a helping hand to vulnerable individuals as they navigate through difficult circumstances. By making a difference in their lives, you'll empower them to achieve independence and truly thrive within their community.

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Working with children in Surrey

Surrey's Children, Families and Lifelong Learning services have careers with a purpose, in many different roles, working closely with partners, that support real people and real lives. 

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Types of social care career

Direct social care roles

A direct care role involves you working directly with people who need care and support. You could have a career as a:

  • Activities worker
  • Care worker
  • Personal assistant
  • Rehabilitation worker
  • Shared lives carer
  • Advocacy worker

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Social care management roles

Social care careers in management have responsibility for managing a team or you can specialise in specific areas of care. You could have a career as a:

  • Team leader or supervisor
  • Manager
  • Deputy manager or team manager
  • Specialist coordinator, such as dementia or end of life care coordinator

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Social care support roles

  • Housing support officer
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Social care prescriber
  • Welfare rights officer
  • Employment advisor
  • Administrator
  • Finance officer
  • HR
  • Marketing officer
  • Trainer or assessor

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Regulated professional social care roles

If you are registered to practive with a regulated body, your career options include:

  • Social worker
  • Occupational therapist
  • Registered nurse
  • Nursing associate 
  • Complementary therapist
  • Counsellor

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Ancillary roles

These roles don’t involve direct care but are vital to the running of an organisation. Careers options include:

  • Cook or kitchen assistant
  • Housekeeper or domestic worker
  • Driver or transport manager
  • Maintenance

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