Returning to practice: Midwifery

Ready to reignite a fulfilling career in midwifery?

Your experience and skills are invaluable. We can help you return to midwifery with confidence.

Do you still have an active registration?

If you have an active registration and have been out of clinical practice for up to three years, we still need you and we can help you come back. Please register your interest with our Surrey Heartlands Nursing and Midwifery team. They can support your journey back to midwifery.

If you are a registered midwife who is not currently working in clinical practice, you can complete the online training programme (eLearning for Health) to help you return to frontline maternity services. The training includes online modules, mentoring and clinical supervision to help you to return to clinical midwifery with confidence.

Don't have an active registration? 

Our Return to Practice (RTP) programmes make returning to midwifery possible, whether you have been away for six months or six years. 

It is not a problem if you are no longer a registered midwife. Returning to practice is straightforward, and here is how you can do it: