Management careers

The NHS provides an enormous range of services to millions of people across the country. Without skilled and dedicated managers to lead and run it, it would not be able to do what it is here to do – treat and care for patients. 

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Roles in management

Clinical manager

You will be the head of your own department, ensuring that our patients get the possible treatment and care. 

Clinical manager | Health Careers

Estates manager

Estates managers make sure that our hospitals and other sites are the safest, most environmentally-friendly and best possible places to be for patients, staff and visitors.

Estates manager | Health Careers

Finance manager

Our finance managers make sure that our frontline staff have the resources they need to be able to deliver the treatment and care our patients need.

Finance manager | Health Careers

General management

In general management, you could be responsible for a whole service division of staff and a multi-million pound budget in a hospital trust, or for managing primary care or mental health services across many sites.

General management | Health Careers

Human resources (HR) manager

Our HR managers make sure that our frontline staff and other colleagues are supported and available to deliver the care our patients need. 

Human resources (HR) manager | Health Careers

Operational management

NHS operational managers make sure that our staff have what they need to deliver effective patient care through the successful planning and delivery of services and resources.

Operational management | Health Careers

Practice manager

Practice managers are vital to the successful running of GP surgeries. You'll manage the business aspect of the surgery, making sure that patients are at the centre of the surgery's operations. 

Practice manager | Health Careers

Project manager

NHS project managers set up and lead projects that are vital to patient care being of the highest possible standard.

Project manager | Health Careers