Psychological professions

Working in a psychological profession will make a difference to someone's mental wellbeing.

There are different roles depending on the types of conditions you work with. Each role has varying amounts of training required to practice.

Explore each of the roles available and how you can start your career in mental health.

Roles in the psychological professions | Health Careers

Adult psychotherapist

You'll help adults overcome stress, emotional and relationship problems or troublesome habits.

Adult psychotherapist | Health Careers

Assistant psychologist

You’ll provide clinical support under the direct supervision of a qualified psychologist.

Assistant psychologist | Health Careers

CBT therapist

You'll assess and support people with common or severe mental health problems.

CBT therapist | Health Careers

Child and adolescent psychotherapist

You'll work with children, young people and their families to assess and treat a wide range of psychological difficulties.

Child and adolescent psychotherapist | Health Careers

Children's wellbeing practitioner

You'll provide support such as guided self-help and therapeutic activities for children and young people with anxiety, low mood and behavioural difficulties.

Children's wellbeing practitioner | Health Careers

Clinical associate in psychology

Supervised by a psychologist, you’ll find the best interventions for people with longstanding and complex difficulties.

Clinical associate in psychology | Health Careers

Clinical psychologist

You'll help people with a range of mental health problems including addiction, anxiety, depression and relationship issues.

Clinical psychologist | Health Careers

Counselling psychologist

You'll help people with mental health problems such as depression, eating disorders, psychosis and personality disorder.

Counselling psychologist | Health Careers


You'll help people talk about their feelings linked to relationship difficulties, grief or everyday life.

Counsellor | Health Careers

Education mental health practitioner

You'll provide mental health support for children and young people in schools and colleges.

Education mental health practitioner | Health Careers

Family and systemic psychotherapist

You'll work with groups and families to assess and treat psychological and relationship difficulties in emotional, mental and physical health.

Family and systemic psychotherapist | Health Careers

Forensic psychologist

You'll apply psychology to criminal investigation, understand psychological problems associated with criminality and treat those who've commited offences.

Forensic psychologist | Health Careers

Health psychologist

You'll help people deal with the psychological and emotional aspects of health and illness.

Health psychologist | Health Careers

High intensity therapist

You'll equip adults with the tools and techniques they need to overcome complex problems related to anxiety and depression.

High intensity therapist | Health Careers

Mental health and wellbeing practitioner

You'll provide wellbeing-focused psychologically informed interventions and coordinate care plans for adults with severe mental health problems.

Mental health and wellbeing practitioner | Health Careers

Peer support worker

You'll use your lived experience of mental health problems to support others.

Peer support worker | Health Careers

Psychological wellbeing practitioner

You'll assess and support people with common mental health problems such as anxiety disorders and depression.

Psychological wellbeing practitioner | Health Careers

Youth intensive psychological practitioner

You’ll improve the psychological approach and support for young people who have severe mental health needs in both inpatient and community settings.  

Youth intensive psychological practitioner  | Health Careers