Health informatics careers

Health informatics is one of the fastest growing areas in health. It involves the intelligent use of information and technology to provide better care for patients. 

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If you love working with information technology, enjoy library work, are good at analysing data or find satisfaction in keeping accurate records, it could be a job for you in health informatics.

Roles in health informatics

Clinical informatics

Clinical informatics staff capture, communicate and use data and clinical knowledge to support health professionals. They also develop and implement a range of digital tools to support this.

Clinical informatics | Health Careers

Education and training roles

Educators and trainers in health informatics are responsible for making sure that staff are able to use the latest technology so that the benefits it offers for patient care are realised.

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Health records and patient administration

Health records and patient administration staff collate, store and retrieve records used in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. 

Health records and patient administration | Health Careers

Information and communication technology

Information and communication technology (ICT) is the development, management and support of the ICT infrastructure in health organisation, including the personal computers, email systems and mobile communications.

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Information management staff

Information management is the retrieval, analysis, interpretation and presentation of health data and information. This enables the planning, improvement and delivery of patient services and care.

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Knowledge and library services

Knowledge and library service staff make sure crucial evidence and information is available and accessible when and where NHS staff need to use it.  

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Project and programme management

The NHS is investing heavily in digitisation and health informatics projects are at the forefront of continuously improving patient care. 

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